Eligibility / Rules

Drivers of local bus and inter-urban express services such as National Express and Green Line are eligible to compete if they have been employed as a driver, (not necessarily by the same company,) since 1st September of the year preceding the competition, and during the same period have not been involved in an accident for which they are in any way at fault, have not been absent from work for any period exceeding fourteen weeks continuous duration, and have no extant endorsements on their licences. BDoY seeks to reward full-time drivers who exercise their skills throughout the year, and it is therefore also a requirement that a driver works at least three full shifts per week in order to qualify for entry to the competition.
Rules for the Final -
During the final, you will gain points for successfully completing the tasks on the course, or correctly answering questions in the Theory Test. However, penalty points will be applied during the National Final for various infringements including:

  1. Dangerous or careless driving – suspension pending investigation.
  2. Driving without due care and attention
  3. Failure to conform to the Highway Code
  4. Touching, running on to or over any kerb, or simulated kerb.
  5. Failure to follow the designated route.
  6. Exceeding the maximum speed limit.
  7. Failure to maintain forward or reverse movement (for each shunt)
  8. Failure to comply with company regulations.
  9. Incorrect answers in the theory test.

Please note, penalties may be applied for other infringements.

Special Notes
Assistance from any person which could influence the performance of a competitor will lead to automatic disqualification from the competition. For safety reasons spectators must not enter any part of the test area. Adults are requested to keep children under control whilst in the vicinity of any test areas.