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A message from Bryan Constable, Vice-President of UK Bus Driver of the Year Association

Having passed my PSV test in a Bristol K-type, I certainly concede that the current generation of buses is a far cry from forty years ago.....but. We now take the money, have to remember all manner of shapes, sizes, colours and validity of concessionary tickets (while the traffic piles up behind because 'white van man' has parked on the bus stop), have to avoid deliberately aggressive kerbs and traffic islands whose heights seem to be inversely proportional to the height of modern bus skirt panels, contend with bus-unfriendly traffic calming measures, not to forget to check the facilities for disabled passengers haven't seized up, be careful of those still deliberatey concealed speed cameras, and run to time. Oh! - and I nearly forgot! Instead of giving colourful verbal advice, we are expected to smile sweetly at the young mother parking her tax efficient 4x4 half up on the pavement at a double yellow line.
"What's the objective of your whinges, Bryan?" you ask.
You haven't told us anything new."
It is simply that, if you can cope with all the above, give your passengers a comfortable and uneventful journey, and still qualify for Blackpool, you deserve a medal. In fact, you will actually get one!
Finally, a big "thank you" to everyone who makes putting BDoY together such a pleasure.

Bryan Constable
UK Bus Driver of the Year Association