The BDoY Council

The competition is organised by the UK Bus Driver of the Year Association Limited, a company set up for this purpose and limited by guarantee.
The Board of Directors, consists entirely of people working within or closely connected with the industry. Their collective wealth of experience is directed to the organisation, promotion and smooth running of the competition. All Directors are subject to re-election every two years.
The current BDoY Board of Directors are:

John Boxall MBE - Honorary President
Bryan Constable - Honorary Vice-President
Joe Mackie - Chairman
Andrew Braddock - Vice-Chairman
John Winstanley - Finance Director
Tina Haynes - Company Secretary
Paul Mackay - Competition Secretary
Keith Fieldhouse - Operations Director
David Williams - Operations Manager
Frank Llewellyn - Retired PCV Driver
Paul Martin - IT Director
Chris Heaps - Former Traffic Commissioner
Douglas Bailey MBE - Retired PCV Driver
Bill Holmes - Retired Coach Driver