About BDoY

Low Cost Bus Shop Window
Bus Driver of the Year provides a very high profile shop window for the vehicles used by the competitors, who, it must be remembered, are the country's best drivers and who are motivated on the day to drive with exemplary care. Also, and importantly, vehicles are driven at a generally slow pace and nothing is 'against the clock'
On BDoY day, manufacturers and dealers can therefore have their vehicles driven in service up and down  Blackpool Seafront and the local road network non-stop for over four hours in front of influential tendering authority principals, bus industry Directors and senior managers, and other public transport opinion-formers.
The cost is only that of getting the vehicle - which must be taxed
and insured of course - to Blackpool with enough fuel in it! Put another way, it could be about the same cost as ten minutes exposure at the NEC
A security guard looks after the donated vehicles full-time throughout the evening and night. Make contact with Paul Mackay, Competition Secretary (see Contact Us page), if you wish to get one or more of your vehicles in front of professional and influential spectators